17 People On The Healthy Routine That Changed Their Lives

Thought Catalog

1. “I started waking up an hour before I needed to get ready, and I didn’t have any specific tasks to accomplish in that time, it just gave me an extra hour to do things slowly and peacefully. I could make a decent breakfast, enjoy my coffee, do a bit of reading, and wake up to the world. I didn’t feel so rushed, and I had a ton more energy every day. -Caitlyn, 23

2. “I started a new workout routine, where I alternated light weight lifting on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with cardio on Tuesday and Thursday. I’m never over-exerting myself, and I always feel that ‘post-workout’ high.” -Jason, 26

3. “I start the morning with a little yoga on my hardwood floor. I face the sun, take deep breaths, and do a couple of basic poses. My blood starts flowing in the most amazing way.” -Elia, 29


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